2 Tone Lashes

Bellissima 2 Tone Lash are 100% made by hand from 2 Tone Premium Mink/Silk Synthetic PBT fiber(polybutylene terephthalate synthetic).The Two-Tone lash bottom is black base, to the top fade into colorful color.They are four colors for choosing. Black-Red / Violet / Blue / Green. They have micro pores in the surface to help lash glues bond well. Processed through new drying technique, the lashes will be maintain the shape of curl for the life of the lashes. Every batch of lashes are sifted & checked by IPQC & QC dept for accurate length and curl.

Bottom 2/3rd base of the lash is black and the top 
~1/3rd of the lash fade into a color (Mink/Silk)
~1/2nd of the lash fade intdo a color (premium Mink/Silk). 

Sample in this case  is  2 Tone  Black-Red with 16 strip/D curl/13mm length.

The lashes are made from 2 Tone Premium Mink Synthetic PBT fiber.

The dimentions for normal are as below: 

1. Lash card: 111 (mm) L x 51 (mm) W (± 0.5mm)

2.Paper box: 119 (mm) L x 61 (mm) W x 13 (mm ) H

3.Plastic box: 113 (mm) L x55 (mm)  W x 12 (mm) H

For OEM: 

Curl: J, C, CC, D, L,LC,M, etc…

Lengths: Individual/mixed lengths  from 5mm to 16mm.

Thickness: from 0.03 mm~0.25 mm (±0.01 mm).

Line qty: 6 (mini box)/12/16/18/20 strip lines/box. 

The colors of plastic boxes, paper boxes, dimentions : variant colors, forms.

Above OEM infomations are used for reference, for more details, please kindly refer to our ” FAQ”/OEM part.

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